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The Taormina Group is sponsoring the only
meaningful and proven accreditation course in existence for Expert Witnesses.

Do You Want to:

♦   Be Branded as the Best in Your Specialty?

♦  Command Premium Billing Rates?

♦  Be in High Demand?

Train and Qualify to be a

The Forensic Business Pathology™ training and certification program is the secret weapon you have been seeking to become branded as a gold standard resource.

FBP has been proven, for nearly two decades, to be a powerful tool for creating irrefutable expert reports and testimony. We will help you elevate your unique skills into a delivery model that attorneys will find compelling, effective and virtually unimpeachable. And, that opposing counsel never sees coming.

FBP is the science of proving acceptable or unacceptable standard of care by a defendant company. By integrating your forensic findings into the FBP templates, the value of your reports and testimony will become exponentially more convincing. We have the history to prove that FBP-enhanced testimony  renders the reports of opposing experts virtually indefensible.

Tom Taormina’s 11th book is the text and reference material for the certification course. Each course is customized to your exact needs and delivered via Internet .

As you complete each of the ten modules, your work will be evaluated, graded and then the next module will be sent to you on your time table.

Initial certification gains you ongoing access to interactive support services to ensure that you achieve your highest desired level of success.

We also offer specialty concentrations and advancement to Expert FBP and Master FBP levels of achievement, raising your status from “just another expert” to eminent in your field.

Thomas Pyzdek states that FBP expertise can be a valuable tool for evaluating businesses processes as they relate to litigation. The Pyzdek Institute is the the Global leader in Six Sigma training and certification.

The training, validation and certification models are based on candidates being vetted, tested and references verified before accreditation is issued. It follows the protocols of the Certified Management Consultant and Certified Manager of Quality and Organizational Excellence, both benchmarks in their fields.


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