Forensic Business Pathologist™ Accreditation Program

Information and Curriculum

The FBP Accreditation Program is designed to enhance the effectiveness and value for those who offer expert services, regardless of their discipline or area of specialty. It is a process for focusing your skills and techniques into a delivery system that is of greater value to your clients. It also distinguishes you with a credential that sets you above other experts in your field.

You will be encouraged to measure the return on investment in obtaining the initial certificate. Increased assignments and higher fees can be realized during the training and immediately after certification.

Basic FBP Certification Program

Achieving initial certification is a multi-step program designed to fit your schedule, pace and skill level. It is a ten module distance learning course. Successful completion of each module will result in the next module being delivered to you on your timeline.

At the end of Modules 2 through 9, you will complete an exercise and/or test to demonstrate competence in the materials provided. If additional training is required for you to successfully complete a module, you will be offered several coaching options at modest additional fees.

After completion of Module 10, you will receive a certificate of accreditation, valid for two years. You will also be exposed to additional areas of concentration available to you and a roadmap for achieving advanced levels of FBP accreditation.

Advanced Certification

At least one year of experience and demonstrated competence is required to achieve the second level of accreditation, FBP Expert. This courseware will build on your rapidly advancing career and is customized to help you become a distinguished and recognized expert who has a track record of being of significant value to their clients. It exposes you to advanced tools of strategic process thinking, foreseeable risk and mastery of reporting and testimony.

The third level requires at least two years as an FBP Expert to enroll in the FBP Master program. This curriculum involves hands-on and customized training to prepare you to become a certified teacher of Forensic Business Pathology. It also invites you to join our growing cadre of eminent experts for collaboration, advanced practices sharing and potential invitations to work as part of a complex litigation team.

Your course leader and coach is Tom Taormina, CMC, CMQ/OE, FBP. His CV is available at .

The credential Forensic Business Pathologist™ has been peer reviewed and has been challenged by opposing counsel in more than 30 cases. It has never been discredited or disallowed. Clients have encouraged the evolution of FBP into a nationally recognized accreditation program. You will be a pioneer in advancing and elevating the role of expert witnesses.


Basic Certification Syllabus

Module Title Objective Outcome
1 Who Are You? An in-depth assessment of your training, skills, experience, expertise, and accomplishments, including referrals and endorsements Creating a master plan that will form your unique service set and profile
2 A SWOT Analysis A comprehensive evaluation of your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats A customized plan for your path to excellence
3 Your Career Plan Interviewing and coaching to determine your passions, ambitions, and success objectives Based on #1 and #2, creating the custom courseware, timeline and milestones for your success plan
4 The Art of FBP Engineers, scientists and academics learn to apply their skills in the art of reconstructing plausible scenarios of failures or disasters and learning the importance of duty of care A paradigm shift from forensic science to root-cause analysis
5 Gathering Evidence The methodical steps required to analyze evidence and spot key data among a universe of information Create the basis for a defensible expert opinion and report
6 Creating a Story The skills for creating a scenario that is the basis for your conclusions Turning techno-babble into concise and compelling written reports
7 Midterm Review An in-depth assessment of #1 through #6. Quantifying the progress toward the master plan Recalibration of the success plan and mid-course corrections as necessary
8 Your Persona As important as the content and written effectiveness of your expertise is how you are perceived by others and how genuine you are as an expert and a person. Assess your image, delivery, interaction and articulation skills
9 The FBP Candidate Exercises and examination of your ability to do mock research, create compelling reports and verbally testify your findings A certification exam to determine mastery of basic FBP skills
10 Certification Incorporating your FBP Accreditation into your CV, marketing and career plans Raising your standing in the listing of experts. Creating value for attorneys

Terms and Conditions

  1. Module #1 is the application process. Complete the form with as much data as you have available for us to adequately assess your current skills and qualifications.
  2. You will receive back a comprehensive assessment of your qualifications to continue with the FBP certification program. You will also receive specific critiques and tips that you can immediately use to advance your skills, whether you proceed with the rest of the program or not.
  3. If your application is declined, you will be offered specific remedial actions and available for-fee coaching to bring you to the prerequisite level.
  4. Upon acceptance, you will be required to pay the first installment of $299 for Modules #2 through #6
  5. Each module will be graded before the next module is sent. If there is any remedial work required to complete a module, coaching will be offered at a modest hourly fee.
  6. Module #7 is an in depth assessment of progress to date. It may result in recalibration of your training schedule or you may decide not to continue with the final three steps. This is an assessment and mid-course correction. All modules completed and all assessments and tools provided through Module #6 are yours to use. Proceeding to Module #8 and gaining your certification will require the balance of $599.00 to be paid.