Within the first few minutes of being interviewed by an attorney, I am asked if I have experience with the product or service that failed in their case. My answer is that my specialty is proving standard of care by the defendant, regardless of the product. That statement is always received with a lukewarm response. I have put together a list of businesses and products that I DO have experience with, to give potential clients evidence that process and quality management systems are common to all industries. They are in no particular order.

Fire protection systems, fine art, nanomaterials, training, prefabricated housing, oil well drilling, stock transfer agencies, renewable energy, commercial construction, residential construction, pollution control equipment, railroad, real estate, aerospace fasteners, steel and aluminum machining, sheet metal manufacturing, computer manufacturing, control systems software, ceramics manufacturing, precision metal stamping, computer refurbishing, journal bearings, custom electronic manufacturing, production electronic manufacturing, plastic extrusion, medical devices, voice over internet, direct marketing fulfillment, slot machines, property management, marketing, surgical instruments, investment banking, financial data services, home remodeling, etiological products, senior living centers, printing, commercial printers, personnel staffing, oilfield services, dehydrated seasonings, oilfield distribution, ink, laser products, drug distribution, custom windows and doors, aerosol cans, space heaters, tires, computer power supplies, medical dispensing machines, box fans, chain saws, power distribution, solar farms, oil well maintenance, bicycles, golf carts, plastics manufacturing, drywall, electrical outlets, office chairs, artificial Christmas trees, business management systems, commercial roofing, spun plastic fibers, oxygen generators, battery chargers, motorcycles, antenna structures, titanium metal manufacturing, boom boxes, oil derrick construction, command and control systems, remote terminal units, flow measurement, quality control, quality assurance, quality management, ISO 9001, AS 9100, TS14969, cGMP.